Feel Connected

To someone who has passed over

I help people feel connected to loved ones who have passed over, using Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy

Providing this service brings me a lot of joy and I feel extremely grateful that I have been gifted with the ability to help people in this way.

After training as a Hypnotherapist and exploring my spiritual side, it soon became clear to me that when people are in their subconscious mind, they are more able to communicate to spirit – your subconscious mind is similar to when you are just waking up or falling asleep (a relaxed state of mind).

When working with clients in this way, I am told that it brings them peace, happiness and closure,  particularly to those who have struggled with the circumstances around their passing or if they didn’t get to say goodbye.

So here I am, offering you a unique way to feel connected to that person you have lost in your own special way. I am not a medium or a spiritualist but I do believe that spirit is around us.

I will:

  • Help you retrieve happy memories that may have been forgotten
  • Guide you to feel connected in your own unique special way
  • Provide you with the feeling that you are able to communicate by using your own imagination

What I offer:

  • One to one or small group sessions (connecting to the same person)
  • A private and confidential experience
  • To feel more at peace with their passing

What you will experience

Whilst using both Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy together, I will guide you to unlock and retrieve stored memories from your subconscious mind.  By doing this, it will help you to feel connected to the person you wish to feel connected to.  No two experiences are the same.  Some people see, some people sense, some people hear and others feel – whatever feels most comfortable to you, is what you will experience.

To find out if this is something you would like to experience, you are welcome to schedule a free initial telephone consultation with me to discuss any questions you may have.