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  • I initially approached Abby for help with anxiety. Abby helped me let go of negative emotions I didn’t even realise I was holding onto. I really benefited from the 3 sessions I had and appreciated her straight forward approach. I would definitely recommend Abby. Thank you.
  • I brought my 7 year old daughter to Abby for bed wetting and she literally stopped that night.  We had 3 sessions in total which were a week apart, and so far, 2 months later, we have not had any accidents. Abby was great with my daughter, helping her to quickly feel comfortable to speak about things which make her upset in a fun way.  Abby also helped me as a parent to realise the part I was playing to encourage the bed wetting which I was oblivious to. I was also amazed how easily my daughter went into hypnosis.
    Susan - Mother
  • I had been smoking for 15 years and decided last year that I wanted to quit. I smoked 20 a day, so I knew that it was not going to be easy. At first, I tried patches, chewing gum, pills, you name it! All of these didn’t work for very long. Then a friend suggested hypnotherapy. I was very sceptical at first, then thought, what the hell its worth a shot. I can’t explain how the hypnosis works, but it does! I now feel mentally stronger and no longer need to rely on nicotine. Most importantly I haven’t smoked for 4 months. I would highly recommend Abby to anyone who wants to quit smoking.
  • I had hypnotherapy for my fear of flying a few weeks before I was due to fly. Normally the weeks and days leading up to the flight, I would get so stressed and anxious because I knew I will be flying. After just one session, I felt so relaxed and didn’t think about the flight, even on the day of the flight and when on the flight, I was unusually calm and not worried or stressed, which has not been the case in years.
  • After gaining a lot of weight very quickly from medication, I was feeling very low and demotivated. My friend recommended Abby, so I went with an open mind although I didn’t know what to expect. After the session I didn’t feel that it had made a huge difference, then after a few days people started to comment on my eating habits changing, choosing healthier options, saying no to treats and leaving food on my plate when I felt full. This behaviour was definitely new to me! Two months later I have lost weight and am more in control of my appetite, more than I have ever been. All I can say is be patient and watch the results unfold. Thank you, Abby!
  • I contacted Abby as I was suffering from anxiety and overthinking which had ultimately lead to OCD and other issues. It made me realise that there were situations in my life which I hadn’t completely processed, which had brought about these unwanted responses, and in turn taught me how to deal with them. When Abby led me through the hypnotherapy sessions, I felt very comfortable and at ease throughout and found Abby very straight forward and informative. I definitely feel that hypnotherapy had a positive impact on my life.
  • Due to life pressures I found myself falling into the ‘victim’ role and loosing complete control of my emotions. Abby helped me to take back control of my emotions and feeling completely empowered. Thankyou Abby for giving me my life back!
  • For as long as I can remember, I have been an extremely fussy eater and was unable to eat many healthy options. Within a few days of hypnotherapy, I was trying new foods which took me by complete surprise. It has really changed my outlook on food and has made life a lot easier now I am no longer a fussy eater. Thanks Abby.

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